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    Hey guys just looking for some advice on new pickups. I have an Ibanez SCA220 (fixed bridge), 2 humbuckers, Mahogany body, rosewood fretboard and I'm looking for some hotter pickups. Right now I have stocks, V6's. What ever pickups I get they need to sound good with single coil splitting.

    The tone wizard directed me towards the JB and 59 model. Are these okay for coil splitting?

    Anybody got some other suggestions? I play a lot of heavy metal, hard rock and classic rock, but my cleans need to stay clean and sweet.


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    Re: Pickup advice

    I would take the Jazz over the '59 for coil splitting.
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      Re: Pickup advice

      The JB is always a good go-to pickup. It's perfect for just about every style or need you have.
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        Re: Pickup advice

        i think a jb/59 combo is very cool. a few manufacturers use that same setup


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          Re: Pickup advice

          JB/59 combo is great, and provided you get the 4 conductor lead on the 59, you can split both of them and they sound great. I've got that very same setup in my Washburn Falcon.


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            Re: Pickup advice

            Thanks guys. I'm thinking of taking the JB/59 or going Dimarzio with the Super Distortion/Super 2.

            Any thoughts or advice??


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              Re: Pickup advice

              go for the duncan set, it is more versitile imo. plus i know those sound good split.
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                Re: Pickup advice

                I personally wanted to do the same thing you are but i wanted JB/Jazz in Nickel covers. i just think that would look sweet with the black pearl of the SCA220.


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                  Re: Pickup advice

                  I think Duncan pups are a little quieter than Dimarzios. Just my own opinion, which means that it's worth as much as it costs.....


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                    Re: Pickup advice

                    A JB/Jazz set is definitely what you should give a shot. And remember, you can take them back and get something else if you don't like them.
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