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'Lil '59 Neck Position Pickup

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  • 'Lil '59 Neck Position Pickup

    I'd like some opinions from any folks who may have used the 'Lil '59 neck position pickup in the bridge position of a Strat type guitar, along with SSL-1's in the neck and mid positions. A friend of mine prefers the neck position version as he thinks it's a better tonal match with the other pickups. I'd appreciate any input. Thanks.
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    Re: 'Lil '59 Neck Position Pickup

    its a little brighter and has a little less output than the bridge version so the fact that your friend likes it better with brighter single coils makes sense. the brigher tone and lower output probably match up better in his rig


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      Re: 'Lil '59 Neck Position Pickup

      the Lil '59- i like

      i have it in the neck of my Ibanez RG & it's a little brighter & meatier than the full humbucking version. a quick check with the Duncan tone chart shows that it's conceived to be such a unit.
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