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Anyone tried the Paf Joe yet?

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  • Anyone tried the Paf Joe yet?

    Sadly, I'll sell my Custom and PGn , because I can't afford to keep them on a shelf and buy new ones right now. You know, real life imperatives, wife in maternity leave and a 10-month old daughter sort of bring you back to reality. And since I'm not gonna buy pups instead of food and clothes for my kid...

    Anyway, in the meantime - I hate to talk about DiMarzio here but since you people are so open-minded - I think about putting back a Paf Pro in the neck position of my Epi LP-Custom... yet DiMarzio's description of the new Paf Joe (what an ugly name!) is inviting:

    "...the best qualities of the DiMarzioŽ PAF ProŽ with those of a late '50s Gibson humbucker..."

    Anyone tried it yet? I'm also leaning towards a FRED, which impressed me a lot when I tried it briefly in another LP knock-off.

    I'm now saving for a good Strat knock-off (Yamaha probably) and can't wait to put a Custom back in there.

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