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Hot Rails squealing and feedback problem

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  • Hot Rails squealing and feedback problem

    Hi all!

    I replaced my re-issue Fender Jaguar bridge pup with duncan Strat bridge Hot Rails to get a tougher sound. Unfortunately I headed into huge squealing and feedback problem. I have 80's Marshall 2553 tube head and I'm using it high gain without any pedals. (with this Hot Rails it's squealing even in low volume and gain set really low)
    I do have two Telecasters with Hot Rails and there are NO problems at all.
    Firstly I thought that it might be the Jaguar weird electronics with 1 MEG pots and two volume/tone circuits, but after converting Jaguar to use just one circuit with 250K pots the problem was the same.

    I just find it really weird that my two (Tele) Hot Rails do behave really nicely..

    Anyway, I had to modify the Hot Rails a bit to make it fit the Jaguar routing and at the same time I had to solder the ground wire which leads to pickup magnet off and back on. The only thing in my mind is now that I might have heated the pickup just a bit too much - maybe wax potting melted and the change in potting is causing the major squealing and feedback. But when I studied the Strat Hot Rails closely, I noticed that it doesn't look like potted at all.

    Anyway, now I'm planning to do the wax potting with the Hot Rails. (i know how to do it)
    Can anyone tell me, if the bridge Hot Rails for Strat was potted at all, is it wax or epoxy potted by factory? (I can't really pot it if it was epoxy potted by factory..)
    I couldn't find any help from Duncan site and I'm wishing if someone of you might be able to help me.
    And if someone have had similar problems, were you able to fix it and how?
    Or if someone has potted the Hot Rails, how were the results?

    Thanks in advance!

    Lale, Finland

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    Re: Hot Rails squealing and feedback problem

    Hi Pavezer and welcome to the forum. I am sorry but I don't have an educated answer for this. I'll give your topic a bump though
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      Re: Hot Rails squealing and feedback problem

      Thank you Stevo! ( and thanks for the bump!

      Well.. I had to give another bump for this post by myself cuz no-one hasn't replied yet. Problem is still alive. If someone has very good (or worse) suggestions, be my guest and give me hints, please.

      There's also one thing which might cause the squealing. I filed some metal on my table and accidently put the micrphone next to the bits and it sucked quite a lot of small metal bits into magnets. I tried to clean it as well as I could but surely there is some left. Could this cause the squealing? It' just a thought.. The only solution for this might be the wax potting, i guess...dunno.

      Any ideas?

      Lale, Finland