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How do I wire up my new 3 way toggle switch - LP style?

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    Re: How do I wire up my new 3 way toggle switch - LP style?

    Originally posted by Robert S.
    All of the LP style 3 way switches I have seen are the wafer type, with the conductors seperated by an insulator. If you look at the wafers/conductors you should notice that on the side that has 2 terminals, the conductors are coming from the inner most portion of the wafer. You want to solder those 2 conductors together and use them to connect to the tip terminal (hot) of your output jack.

    The two terminals with their conductors to the outside of the wafer will be used to connect the feeds from your pots. With Gibson guitars these will be the red and white wires from the 4 conductore harness, with other makers you'll need to check the pots for the proper colors.

    The 5th terminal should be the ground connection.

    A picture of the switch or a link to a pic of a simular switch would be a big help.

    It took a little bit of thinking before it finally hit me. Thanks for the info Robert, I just took your advice and applied it to both of the toggle switches. It's all making much more sense now. Inbetween those insulators, the inner ones are to the output jack, the outer insulators are to the hot wires of the pups and the remaining one is in fact the ground...

    It still isn't working, but I KNOW all my wiring is correct. Before I had this down... I had to resolder several times. There's no doubt in my mind I fried my volume control and my toggle switch. Hopefully a nearby store has what I need

    Thanks for the extra info too butnut... I can't believe I didn't pick up on it sooner (no pun intended).

    Wow... I am getting much more comfortable with the electronics and how it's setup now, but I wish I knew all this before I wrecked anything... hello another $15-20

    Once again, thx for the replies and sorry it didn't sink in earlier
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