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Custom + Cool Rails wiring update..

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  • jeremy
    Re: Custom + Cool Rails wiring update..

    cool stuff. glad you like it!!

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  • speed monkey
    started a topic Custom + Cool Rails wiring update..

    Custom + Cool Rails wiring update..

    I had posted a question earlier about some suspected wierdness and mistakenly deleted the whole post...

    Anyway - I had installed a TB-5 bridge and a Cool Rails neck in a body thats being shipped off to GMW to have a neck installed...after wiring I did my standard 'tap test' to at least see if there was life. There was life, but only about half as much as expected...I was convinced there was a problem...

    So, took a neck off another Strat, re-strung it, plugged in and voila! the thing sounds killer and there was nothing wrong at fact, after I realized that a guitar shipped this afternoon would sit in a UPS transit hub until Tuesday - I just kept it together and played it all day....awesome sound, awesome combo between the two pups....I can't yet decide if i like it better than the JB, but the tone is certainly outstanding....I will load this combo into others soon.

    Steve E