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Who likes/doesn't like the Hotrails?

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    Re: Who likes/doesn't like the Hotrails?

    I've got one in the bridge position of one guitar and in the neck position of another guitar. It works great at both ends. It matches up well with either high or lower output pickups. I've got them matched up with a Distortion and a couple of Vintage Rails in their respective guitars. No complaints.
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      Re: Who likes/doesn't like the Hotrails?

      Originally posted by JBlaze
      I guess what I'm asking is, Does it sound like a Humbucker, or just a Single with added distortion? I just don't want a thin sound.
      Its sound combines some traits of single coils and humbuckers: it has that humbucker-like bass and midrange, but still it has some of the single-coil focus. I have a HRn that I used in several guitars, and I think it works best with alder-bodied Strat-style guitars.
      First, I put it in the neck slot of my Delta (basically a Kramer with alder body, maple/RW neck): full, round tone - almost like a full-sized humbucker, with just enough top end not to sound muddy.
      Then I put it in the neck of my George Dennis (basswood body, maple/RW neck): it sounded too fat and muddy. I replaced it with a Cool Rails neck, but it still was not what I had been looking for.
      Then I put the HRn in the bridge position in my alder/maple/RW Strat-style testbed guitar, and I love the sound. Loud and clear, articulate and bright but not grating.
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