I know you are off today but I was wondering if I could still buy a pickup from you. Is your shop open? I got to talking to Herbert, who works on my guitars and he convinced me not to rout out my strat. So now I want either a JB Jr. or a Little 59. A also want it in white.
Which do you recommend? I know you don't really like these little humbuckers but I have four Les Pauls, and three Strats (15 in all). I just want a reasonable facsimile of a h/b in this guitar so I can have my fralin tones and maybe squeak out some VH, Zep and GnR without having to bring another guitar all the time.
And I still am thinking about a set for my Paul with those 498ts. But I think I'm stuck between the '59 set and a set of PGs. I need note articulation and high end definition on chords under plexi stress. I like my burstbuckers & I think the 498s are too muddy and the '57 Classics don't have enough character.