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  • Emg 89

    Anyone tried the EMG 89 out? I was thinking about an EMG 85 to put at the bridge of a project guitar I'm starting, but then I started looking at the 89 instead....

    Basically, I heard that it sounds like an EMG SA in 'single coil' mode, and like an EMG 85 in 'humbucker' mode. Anyone here have any experience of this? Anyone know how close it sounds to an EMG SA/EMG 85, or know where I can find some clips (tried the EMG website, but couldn't find any)?

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    Re: Emg 89

    The emg89 is similarly voiced to the 85 plus the ability to be splitted.From what i remember there are clips of the emg85 on the emg website but they are horrible......if i were to buy emg by the clips on their website i would never have bought my emg85.Fortunately it sounds much much better than the clips on their website.If you need your bridge humb to be splitted go with the 89 otherwise you can choose the 85.They are more versatile,bassier,with more low mids,sweeter treble and slightly less output(but still of a fairly high output) than the 81.I think if you look in this forum at the tips and clips section someone has posted some clips clean and distorted of emg's.