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Quarter Pound vs. Muy Grande

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  • Quarter Pound vs. Muy Grande

    Hey everyone - I play a Strat and get pretty good tone as it is out of a Fender Fat 50s set, but I'm thinking of getting a higher output bridge pickup for a couple of reasons.

    1) I play mostly on the bridge pickup, which I set up to get a fat and punchy, not too "Stratty" tone, but when I do this, the other two pickups become all but unuseable because they're murky.

    2) Sometimes my bridge pickup tone is just how I like it. Other times its too Stratty and sounds like those old hits from the Steve Miller band. I like it when I have more of a Jimmy Page Tele sound.

    Anyway, I'm looking for a louder, somewhat darker bridge pickup. Has anyone ever tried either of these?

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    Re: Quarter Pound vs. Muy Grande

    Try the Rio Grande Stelly pickup, I believe it's a Muy Grande Tele pickup wound into a strat size pickup. The pickup was made specifically for the reasons you outlined. I have not heard this pickup but I have heard the regular Muy Grande tele pickup and it is smokin with "tone to the bone"


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      Re: Quarter Pound vs. Muy Grande

      I had a Muy Grande in one of my teles and I hated it, unless the treble was to the nasty side of cutting it was a dog. A QP tapped Tele bridge is now in its place and sounds great.

      I love the tapped QP, full on similar if range to a P-90 and tapped very much like a real good vintage Tele pup.
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        Re: Quarter Pound vs. Muy Grande

        I had a muy grande strat bridge, and a stelly; and used them for more than 2 years. Wattage is right, it is better than a shrill stock fender, yet, has that somewhat icepicky tone to it. Like any rio grande (I guess that's their texas sizzle thing afterall) it has an uppermid spike, which is cool at first, but gets somewhat boring with time.

        I love van zandt blues on the bridge of a strat (not that dark tho, but responds to tone control very well) and duncan antiquity custom (stelly reads 8.20K, my strat ant custom bridge reads 9.98K). The second one looks like what you are looking for!

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          Re: Quarter Pound vs. Muy Grande

          I have had both and they're not really in the same league. The Muy Grande is over hyped. It is a good fat sounding single coil but it is nowhere near as powerfull as a QP even if its tapped. The Muy Grande is smoother and it has a nice full frequency range but it doesn't have the power of a QP. They do bear a visual resemblance to each other though. I like the QP bridge with a 500k volume for kick and a 250k tone with a .015uf sprague cap for warmth.

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            Re: Quarter Pound vs. Muy Grande

            No experience with the Muy Grande, but a tapped QP with an after-market steel plate under it is my favorite bridge pup for a strat so far. It definately gets more of a Tele tone to it, but with lots of beef.

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