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Jazz/JB vs. Pearly Gates/Custom Custom

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  • Jazz/JB vs. Pearly Gates/Custom Custom

    Hi there. I've pretty much decided that I am going to buy one of these guitars and would appreciate some help deciding between them

    Everything about them is the same except for body shape and pickups, so I'm wondering what pickup combination will sound better? I'm concerned mainly with lead sound, and play mostly european style power metal (think Stratovarius, Helloween, Gamma Ray) but will also play some jazz when I get better.

    I may end up changing the pickups regardless, but which of these will be better stock? They seem very similar to me, any info would be appreciated. Oh and for amps/effects...I don't own any right now and will be looking for help in that area in about 1 month so don't worry about matching other equipment. Thanks!

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    Re: Jazz/JB vs. Pearly Gates/Custom Custom

    Well for the stuff you describe I'd say JB/Jazz all the way.
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