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...need help... for choosing new p'ups...

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  • ...need help... for choosing new p'ups...

    Hi guys i'd like to receive some help about two new p'ups for my standard Strat..i would like to change the neck and bridge p'ups, to get a (VERY!!!) warm sound with a good sustain suitable for blues and rock music mainly (but i would also like to get a rockin' sound when i come crazy)... I'd need to maintain a sound as similar as the 'stock' one, and to keep the guitar balanced (with the middle p'up that i hope will be the stock one), possibly by splitting the p'ups when needed...So i'm begging for help because i don't know completely what to do...What do you suggest??
    However, i'm looking for 2 h'buckers, even full-sized if it is necessary..

    i'll appreciate any kind of help...

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    Re: ...need help... for choosing new p'ups...

    Two cool rails w/ a hotrails in the bridge. Cool nice warm tone from the neck and middle, and a rockin tone from the bridge. You still get the power of humbuckers, but you retain some of the single coil spank and clarity because of the more focused magnetic field.
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      Re: ...need help... for choosing new p'ups...

      To me, a strat is only a strat if it has two classic single coil pickups in the neck and middle. I just put a little 59 in my bridge and it is indeed nice but I still have the 3, 4 & 5 positions for my strat tones. If you are going to replace the neck single coil, sell the guitar and get something that you want. Don't drop $250 to transform a classic setup into something that you "might" like. Get something you DO like.