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Help Me Identify My Strat PUPs

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  • Help Me Identify My Strat PUPs

    I'm new to this forum and am looking for some help identifying the maker and vintage of some PUPs in a Strat I bought. The guitar was cobbled together from many different guitars and the body was refinished so I'm looking for some other way to get a handle on the pickups. They are black bobbin with yellow laquer on the windings, staggered steel poles, and one of the three PUs (the bridge PU) has a sticker on the bottom that says "S P 9". I assume SP means steel pole. I don't think these are recent era PUPs as the tops of the poles and mounting screws have a good bit of oxidation and the covers (white plastic, I think) have quite an aged look to them. One of the PUPs has a yellowed rubber grommet instead of a wire spring to tension the adjustment screws under the pick guard; I assume the other five were replaced with springs at some point. The stagger pattern varies from PU to PU but I suppose someone could have pushed the pole pieces through without breaking the windings.

    Any info on whether these might be original Fenders or replacements would be appreciated.
    Steve "Hud" Hudson
    Austin, Texas USofA
    '61 Strat w/ slab maple fretboard
    '94 PRS McCarty #71
    '66 ES-330
    '72 SG with mini humbuckers
    Fender Tele w/SD '54 Tele harness, Japanese custom shop reissue '62 neck