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Need help selecting a replacement p/u.

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  • Need help selecting a replacement p/u.

    Hi, I posted earlier but left out some important info... I'm still hoping someone out there might be able to point me in the right direction.

    So-- all that said, I've been looking around on the various sites for information, but I don't really know specifically what I need. Money isn't a big issue. Just something that fits in my insturment, with a broad range of tonal options. Active would be cool.

    Body: Contoured flat ash
    Neck: Maple
    Fingerboard: Rosewood
    Scale: Medium 820mm
    22 frets
    1 MB-IV Pickup, double-coil
    1 Volume 1 Tone controlls

    Also, its got a big cavity in the back to get at the volume/tone pots.. that should be helpful.

    I like the medium scale alot, and the fretboard is really fast. But, alternately-- anyone know of comporable brands/insturments with the same medium scale and super fast low action fingerboards?

    Anyway, thanks for any input.

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    Re: Need help selecting a replacement p/u.

    i think it might be your best bet to have your pup rewound. you can get any tone you want and it will probably cost about the same as a new production pup.

    what are the dimentions of the one thats in there?