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  • Lack of product knowledge...

    I was in a local store the other day, and asked an employee which SD pickup in in the Charvel Journeyman. I said that I was pretty sure it was a JB. He told me that he did not know exactly which it was, but that it was NOT a JB. It was, according to him, one of the models with "built in distortion." I said, "ok, thanks", realizing he didn't know what he was talking about.

    Now, I know salesmen (being one myself) always try to look like they have the answer, but it seems like in this instance, if someone is asking what model a pickup is, replying with notions of "built in distortion" is a bad idea, and that if I suggested JB, he should've either looked it up, or said "I think you're right."

    Oh yeah... turns out it is a JB
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    Re: Lack of product knowledge...

    Built in distortion?

    Even I could have come up with something better than that, and I'm no pickup guy.
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      Re: Lack of product knowledge...

      What are you guys talking about... nothing is better than a pickup with built in distortion. It's like those guitars with built in speakers, those are the best. I'd expect better advice than that from the "guitarists" on this board
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