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  • More pickup help.

    Hey guys,

    I finally settled on the Rio Grande BBQ/Texas set in my LP standard, but I can't seem to dial in my Dean Evo Premium Deluxe which is like a PRS Singlecut. This guitar is thick and dark! I am thinking the JB/ Jazz but am afraid it will be too hot compared to my Les Paul and I need it as a back up and for certain songs.

    Anyone have any suggestions?



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    Re: More pickup help.

    If you're afraid the JB will be too hot, try a 59B. ( Just my Humble Opinion )............
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      Re: More pickup help.

      pg's baby!!


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        Re: More pickup help.

        How is the PGs output compared to the Rio Grande BBQ, Jeremy?

        Hey, I have been playing the Duncan Custom a lot lately in my other Dean and man she is a smoking pickup. I may go Custom/59!(Jazz?) Seems thick like the Rio BBQ but a little tighter. Big tone. Good clean also!! Whohoo!!

        I wonder how the Custom's clean compares to the EMG 85 which I almost bought tonight.

        I have the Rio Grande BBQ/Texas in my LP and the Duncan Custom/59 in my Dean Evo Special. I think I'll be getting a JB/Jazz for my Dean Evo Premium. I'll still have another BBQ and C-5 lying around. Pickups 'o plenty!

        Maybe I'll grab a PG off ebay under your advice.
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