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    on a strat type guitar, do all the pu's have the same resistance? and is it just the position of the pu's under the strings that gives them their different sounds?
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    Re: fender question

    the answer is yes, and yes every change of sound is do to its position on the guitar. bridge pu is closer to the bridge which gives it a brighter sound vicaversa
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      Re: fender question

      well, the vintage strat pups were all wound to the same spec, though they varied a lot due to the hand winding methods used then

      as someone pointed out when the question was asked, the newer American Series have a hotter wound bridge to compensate for the weak tone of standard wound bridge pups

      but, yes, the position plays a big part in the character of the tone, because of the varying string travel at the different locations - i.e., closer to bridge, less travel

      pickup height can also play a roll - for instance, on some hotter pickups (Texas Specials are an example), I think they smooth out some if lowered a little
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