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How to Properly run a String ground??

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  • How to Properly run a String ground??

    Hmmmm, it seems that my problem may be improper grounding, as I am getting a nasty hum I didn't previously notice when I touch the strings etc..

    How to fix?

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    Re: How to Properly run a String ground??

    This is actually a more complex question than meets the eye. One of my guitars has a wire curled up under the bridge, then soldered to ground. Another has a de-coupling cap lead curled under the bridge and soldered to ground.

    Common sense, (which is often faulty), says that leaving the bridge and strings ungrounded would isolate them from the circuit. One of the problems is, our bodies make great 60 Hz antennas. Thats why those "touch" buttons on 70's and 80's stereo equipment worked.

    So . . . to answer your question, the first thing to try is, there should already be a place under the bridge to attach, or lay, a length of bare wire, with the insulation stripped off, which should have the other end soldered to ground.

    If that doesn't work, you could try the "cap" method. I'll have to look at mine to see what value it is. Maybe Kent_S will pop-in in the meantime.