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Do you guys really not use your KNOBS???

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    Re: Do you guys really not use your KNOBS???

    in my first years of guitar playing I used to play Heavy ****,Thrash,Metal etc and I never used the tone and volume controls except in "To Live is To Die" Arpeggio part's violining notes...I turned volume up&down for a sustained violin sound...anyway time passed and my music style changed also my gear now I'm using the tone & volume controls frequently on my strat and lp...I get great tonal versatility with that...
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      Re: Do you guys really not use your KNOBS???

      Originally posted by FiendN

      I read 10 posts a day where folks claim that they never use their volume and tone knobs!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I use both to the extent that over the 12 year life of my tele I've worn out 2 sets!!! ESPECIALLY your tone knob!!! How can you just leave it wide open ALL of the time??? But then again, I guess I use the volume just as much to roll back to a clean sound.

      I just don't get it. You guys don't know what you are missing!!!


      mAYBE folks don't use them because they are not nice shiny expensive new pieces of gear like their boutique amps or esoteric effects etc.. SEEMS LIKE PEOPLE SPEND WAY TOO MUCH TIME WORRYING ABOUT *TONE* AND WAY TOO LITTLE TIME PRACTISING OR WORRYING ABOUT TECHNIQUE!!!
      This is dreadfully apparrent when one samples some of the "CLIPS" that can be found here (I have heard a few great ones, though)


      I use mine ALL the time. I use my volume knob on my bridge pickup to vary the ouput for certain tones, like when i do classic rock and don't feel like moving the gain knob on my amp. I also use the tone knob on my bridge pup to thicken up my rhythm tone, I only bring it down about 1 or 2 notches to do so. I also use it to fatten up my solo tone sometimes. On my neck pup, I use the volume to get a quick clean tone and my tone for fluid lead lines and solos.

      I agree, electric guitarist should be familar with how the volume and tone knobs affect their tone. These controls can do quite a bit and some guitarist are missing out on it.

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