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Tone Questions....Iommi/Prices/Reunion CD

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  • Tone Questions....Iommi/Prices/Reunion CD

    I have discovered exactly what tone I desire....The sound of Tony Iommi's SG from the Reunion Tour CD.

    As I listened to "Into The Void" (track 8, on the first CD) on the part where he does the open low E with a hammer on from 5 to 7 on the 6th string I found it to be the most gutsy, crunchy mettalic sounding tone ever!!! I want that tone EXTREMELY bad....without buying a pair of Gibson Tony Iommi pickups. does anybody know what would sound just like that?

    (and it'd be cool to know if anybody knew the distortion pedal he uses)
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    Re: Tone Questions....Iommi/Prices/Reunion CD

    I think he uses his signature Laney amplifier for that.

    In the old days, he used a treble booster. I doubt he does these days though. If you are interested in it still, I think a company named BSM makes a copy of it. I know it can be bought at