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EMGs.. results of tone experiments

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  • EMGs.. results of tone experiments

    well, i picked up my EMGs again, and tried to get a better idea of improving how they sound... Used a DSL 401 to experiment with..

    to my ears, they sound a lot better when distortion is solid state based... i dont know why, but i prefer the tones you get from distortion pedals to the valves! im usually totally the other way round; when i use passives i never use distortion boxes, always power tube gain...

    i like the tone im getting, though - gain turned up on the clean channel till it *just* starts to break up when you dig in. have any other EMG users noticed this kind of thing? i was playing with a boss HM2 and MZ2, and a big muff...

    makes for a good use of a sunday afternoon, at least...

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    Re: EMGs.. results of tone experiments

    Depends on what model EMG's you are talking about. I find the EMG 81 to be harsh and compressed sounding but the EMG 85 is big and warm sounding. Personally I prefer Duncans over just about anything but EMG's do have thier place.
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      Re: EMGs.. results of tone experiments

      thats the thing, with solid state distortion i found the 81 becomes much more dynamic.. they both do different things very nicely, but the duncans dont do anything *badly*, unless your wondering why a bridge invader won't do cleans