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  • Invader?

    Hi all,

    I'm 'kinda' new here (I wandered these fora a couple of years ago, but I haven't been here since..)

    So, I had a question (of course..)
    I have an all maple Jackson PCS dinky in which I have replaced the original pick-ups with a SD Distortion and a Cool Rail about 3 years ago.
    Now, I've always found the Distortion sounding too trebly, so not really what I expected (though it already made a HUGHE difference with the original BL XL500L). Recently I found out this was due to the maple body, I didn't know the kind of wood used had such an impact on the sound at that time. Now I'm thinking of maybe replacing it.
    I have a poplar (or alder) RR1 in wich I've replaced the TB4 with a Custom and this pup sounds great. Nice leads even from a bridge pup (I don't like using the distortion for leadsounds in the dinky, just not enough body. I know Joey Tafolla uses one and here it sounds great, thus it just should be the maple). But it might have sounded a little more agressive.

    Ok, now a couple of questions.
    People told me that just swapping the custom with the distortion wouldn't really make a difference. What do you think?
    How would the Invader sound in the dinky? Would this make a difference? Any other advice?

    I mainly play metal and shred with the dinky.
    Should sound agressive and warm'er', thus making it possible to have a nice fluent leadtone in a maple body. Hopefully you've understood my problem a little and you can help me out.
    thanks in advance
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    Re: Invader?

    The Invader is agresive. Don't know if it gives the cleanest lead tone though.


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      Re: Invader?

      They're not the cleanest pickup by any stretch of the imagination, but it should give some balls to a maple Dinky. And it's not that they don't clean up, it depends on the amount of gain you're using. I used to use my white SG with an Invader in the back in a country band and it twangs quite well, plus drives the amp into overdrive all by itself if you need.....