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custom mini humbucker vs. Hot Rail

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  • custom mini humbucker vs. Hot Rail

    Hello all of you!
    could you guys help me ?

    I just asked someone to buy me a custom mini-humbucker, but the one I got is a Hot rail (mini-humbucker) one . . .I can understand the misunderstanding

    my question is...i would install it at my jaguar (bridge position) . . .will the hot rail sound a lot diferent that the mini-humbucker one?
    because if would do I could try change it for the model I want or use it with another a mustang . . .

    any tips?

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    Re: custom mini humbucker vs. Hot Rail

    The Custom Minihumbucker is a totally different beast that a HotRails pickup. Their elements and readings are different.

    SM-2 Custom Mini Humbucker:
    Neck D.C. Resistance = 8.52k
    Bridge D.C Resistance = 16.41k

    SHR-1 Hot Rails Model
    Neck D.C Resistance = 10.8k
    Bridge D.C. Resistance = 16.9k

    The tone of these two is very different as well. The SM-2 will be sweeter and a bit warmer with much the same aspects of the mini humbuckers that came in the 1969 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. The SM-2, however, will be a bit more modern souding that the vintage model.

    The Hot Rails is designed to gove your Strat or Tele or other songle coil-powered guitar the drive and power fit needs to play with the metal guys without altering the physical proberties of the guitar.
    -Butch Snyder

    Never cut your nose off to spite your face. It never grows back...