No announcement yet. rails, lil '59, JB jr., and any other advice?

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  • rails, lil '59, JB jr., and any other advice?

    I'm going to change the bridge pickup on my strat.

    I play funk and hard rock with heavy wah. I have a trembucker on my ibanez that I love the hell out of, but it lacks the clearity I need when I play funk chords. and I'm hoping this strat will help me bridge that gap between audioslave rock and red hot chilipeppers funk.

    The strat currently has a cool rails, which I think is too hot in the mids. I was excited about the JB jr. but after reading the posts it seems to have more high end than what I'm looking for, but I'm still not totally convinced that its not the right pickup for the sound I'm searching for. I'm considering the hot rails, lil '59, JB jr., and any other advice. I especially welcome any advice from funk/rock players.

    Being a strat purist the idea of installing a humbucker (such as a trembucker) is out of the question, besides thats what the ibanez is there for. Please Help!!

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    Re: rails, lil '59, JB jr., and any other advice?

    Apparently the Lil '59 is SIMILAR to the Cool Rails... don't know how though, anyone able to comment on this?
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      Re: rails, lil '59, JB jr., and any other advice?

      We'll I guess that cancels the lil '59