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  • need neck pickup

    I have a les paul custom that has a dimarzio super distortion in the brige and a paf in the neck. I like the SD but the neck paf is way too hot and muddy and flabby and drowns out the bridge. Dimarzio says to use the paf in the neck also. I can't see how they recommend that. I have perused the site here and listened to the samples. I want something that is good for bar chords and A5 and similar chords without muddiness and too much bass. It should complement the SD. Should i go with the jazz or full shred in the neck?

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    Re: need neck pickup

    the Jazz and 59 are cool, if you want to nail the PAF vibe without being muddy or shrill, id get a Seth with 4 conductor wiring, that way it'll be easier to reverse the leads.
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