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Ground plate of single coil size pickups

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  • Ground plate of single coil size pickups

    Áre single coil pickups available with different ground plates? Some are as big as the pickup itself and some are bigger than the pickup. Or does this depend on the pickup? I hope you understand what I want to say, technical terms are hard for me in English.

    The reason for my question is, I want to put two single coil sized pickups in a humbucker shaping. This is only pssible with the smaller plate at the bottom of the pickup.



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    Re: Ground plate of single coil size pickups

    servas kasperl,
    the bigger ground-plate (triangular) is mostly found on vintage-like SCs. IMO there's no practical reason for that. before you buy a PU look at the images - it's easy to see.
    If you like the sound of a vintage SC (e.g. the SSL1), but don't have enough space in the molding you can easily remove the triangle with a rasp. Be careful to not damage the wire. You should only make some kind of cord grip (zugentlastung), e.g. by glueing it to the back of the PU.
    Unfortunately warranty is lost after this operation
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      Re: Ground plate of single coil size pickups