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pup switching idea... schematics?

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  • pup switching idea... schematics?

    this would be pretty cool for me if it worked - it would give me all the tones id need. so i would have a guitar with 2 humbuckers, going into a 3-way switch.

    position one - neck pup
    middle position - both in parallel
    position three - bridge pup

    and then just a volume knob, no tone knobs.

    how would this work? has anybody ever seen a schematic for something like this? thanks!


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    Here's a diagram for a Gibson-type switch

    You can do this with a 3-way Fender switch, just take the tone control out of the circuit (don't hook up a tone control and by not having that black wire go out from the lug on the volume control).
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      Here's a copy of the answer I posted in your question in the Guitar Forum:

      That is the way that almost all two-humbucker guitars are wired.
      The only exception being, that you're leaving off the tone control.

      Edit: Removed the link since the one korinastratkyle posted was better.
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