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500k or 250k pots with hot rails ?

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  • 500k or 250k pots with hot rails ?

    This is probably an age -old question that's been answered many times over. Generally, When installing a hot rails in the bridge position of a Fender Stratocaster, do you keep the 250k pots or do you change to 500k? I'm thinking its best to keep 250k all around?

    To further complicate things.......

    I'm putting together a parts mutt guitar that will use a left-handed Strat body flipped over & strung right- handed. I haven't decided on electronics for sure.....but I'll probably go for a hot rails in the bridge & maybe cool rails in neck & middle.

    Anyway...due to space constraints on the lefty pickguard & to keep as much stuff out of the way of my picking arm & hand, I'm thinking of using a two knob set up. One knob for a volume control & the other knob a 5 way rotary pickup selector switch. I typically don't use tone controls.

    In this case, would the 500k for the volume be too hot & the 250k more appropriate?

    Any thoughts, anyone? Please share. Thanks.

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    Re: 500k or 250k pots with hot rails ?

    I find that a 250k pot will offer a more percussive sound when used with the Hot Rails. I also disconnect the tones to cut down on the amount of load drawn off the the high end. The end result is a dark sound with the the fluidity of a humbucker connected to a 500k pot.