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  • 59/Custom Hybrid EVH Samples

    OK, for those that are interested in hearing what a Duncan '59/Custom hybrid pickup sounds like, I have put up some brief samples at Soundclick. I picked up this pickup from Bachtorock (Peter). Very cool.

    This pickup is standard (not F-spaced) and is in a Fender Strat with a Schaller original Floyd set against the body with an all maple neck through a Marshall AVT50. Everything is through the crunch channel except for 'Hear About It Later' (AVT's clean channel). I chose some songs that have the volume knob rolled back in the beginning and then turned full volume later in the song to also give a little idea how this pickup cleans up (nicely I might add!).

    I used a Boss BF2 flanger through the effects loop on Hear About It Later, and parts of Unchained, and in the direct guitar line-in for Aint Talkin Bout Love. I used a delay set at about 300 msec w/ about 1 & 1/4 repeats on ATBL and RWTD. This was direct miked into my soundcard and recorded as a wav file (then obviously converted to an MP3). Obviously there are limitations in doing it this way but I don't have a POD and I do not think my Korg PX4 amp modeling gives the pickup the best justice vs. miking it direct. Also, since it's a dynamic mic there are some points where the input volume adjusts automatically... (sigh). Oh well.

    Don't roast/flame on me too much but CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is always apreciated (I have a day job and it's not in a music store, guys...:-).


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    Re: 59/Custom Hybrid EVH Samples

    That is one sweet sounding pup. Some nice riffs there too by the way. What mag is in it?
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      Re: 59/Custom Hybrid EVH Samples

      Originally posted by kard2565
      That is one sweet sounding pup. Some nice riffs there to by the way. What mag is in it?