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Framus guitars and Seymour Duncan...

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  • Framus guitars and Seymour Duncan...

    I bought today the Framus Diablo Pro guitar model.It has a JB humbucker(b),Vintage steggered(m),Hot Rails(n).It is an oil finish swamp ash body.All the oil finish models had no SD logo on their pups.Is it sure it's SD?Does anyone have the same guitar model or even another one?Just to make sure it;s SD....Thanx

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    Re: Framus guitars and Seymour Duncan...

    For whatever reason, lots of guitars with Duncans stock don't have logos on them. If you want to be certain, remove the pickups and look at the baseplates. Even without the logo on top, the base will still say "Seymour Duncan."
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      Re: Framus guitars and Seymour Duncan...

      Hi Panagiotis,

      you can be sure that Framus uses real SeymourDuncans. Otherwise they would not
      sound that great. I myself play an ealier model of Renegade Pro which has
      HotRails and SSL3 Hot in bridge and two SSL1 in middle and neck position (yeah,
      4 SD pickups in one axe!!!)
      Have a lot fun with you beauty and take good care of it.
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