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  • F Spacing/Tremolo Spacing

    Is it truly worth it to buy an F-Spaced specialized humbucker for a Floyd Rose equipped guitar? I am in the process of purchasing an Ibanez RG350DX and I want the best setup possible. An opinion or two would be nice on this matter......
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    Re: F Spacing/Tremolo Spacing

    yeah, get an f-spaced pickup. thats what they're meant for anyways.
    but if you cant find an f spaced one then just get the normal one, i ahve a normal super distortion in my charvel and it sounds fine, no prblems.


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      Re: F Spacing/Tremolo Spacing

      I think it depends on the output of your pup. I had non-trembucker Screamin Demons in my ESPs, and I was missing a lot of top end. The pole pieces were way out of alignment on the high B and E strings. Once I swapped out for the TB's, I immediately noticed a more responsive high end tone. It does make a difference! Now- on a higher output pup (Distortion or Dimebucker), I don't think it would make such a big difference.
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