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New Tele & Strat wiring! Humbuckers & Single Coils!

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    Re: New Tele & Strat wiring! Humbuckers & Single Coils!

    Originally posted by ArtieToo
    One quick note: to make the math easier, I assumed a linear taper tone control above. Notice that adding the resistor in parallel gave it a bit of a "curve" or modified-taper. If you started with an audio taper pot, you'ld modify the taper even farther, but I'm not sure which direction. You could end up with an even steeper curve, or flatten out the original.
    Okay, even with a linear (assumming a resistor of 500k) taper ... a 500k pot will be full ... 500k/P/500k = 250k, 3/4... 375k/P/500k =~214k,1/2 ... 250k/P/500k = ~167k,1/4 ... 125k/P/500k = 100k. So I don't know where you are coming up with those numbers? These are idealized numbers though, not taking into account the tolerance and precision of an actual pot however ... as some can be pretty crappy. See my other posts on a related thread under question about pots. Or maybe this is an old posting, oh, well, kinda two of the same threads going on in two different titles.
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