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Anyone tried the H-S-S set-up in strat

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  • Anyone tried the H-S-S set-up in strat

    What will the over all change be from stock single coils In a MIM strat with RW fretboard?

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    Re: Anyone tried the H-S-S set-up in strat

    I had a strat set up with a Screaming Demon HB(split in the #4 pos)/Stock/Vintage Rails. It was ok, but very unstrat like sounding. The only strat sounding position was the neck and neck/middle sound. That said, it was still a very usable set up. Don't know if that answered your question, but it was a bit vauge.
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      Re: Anyone tried the H-S-S set-up in strat

      It would be quiter (less feedback) with a bridge humbucker, with a little more of a middy warm characteristic (generally). A bit less "squack" depending on the pup. I've tried the Tex-Mex (stock on Mexican Fat-Strat), the Pearly Gates plus (awfully shrill, no mids, pissed me the hell off), and the SD Custom Custom, Custom 3, and Custom 4.
      My favorite of all bridge pups in a Strat is the Custom 3 (CC with A3 magnet).
      Hope this helps. But what type of sound are you looking for?


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        Re: Anyone tried the H-S-S set-up in strat

        With SSL or APS single coils in the neck & middle and the bridge pickup split in position #2 (bridge & middle) to leave the coil closer to the bridge hot, the only sound that changes much from an all-single-coil strat is #1 - the bridge alone. At least with a Custom 5 in the bridge, IME and IMHO only...

        Based on my limited experience with bridge single coils, most standard strat single coils are either too shrill, too weak, or both in the bridge position. The right humbucker gives you a much more useful - but not strat - sound for the bridge pickup alone. Which one is "right" depends on how bright your guitar, rig, etc. are, and what tone you're going for.

        There are single coils like the S-D Antiquities, Lindy Fralin's, and the S-D Quarter Pounds that are hotter and fatter with more warmth that a lot of guys like and use in the bridge position too. Others like the single-coil-sized humbuckers (not my personal favorites, but that's why there are so many pickups, guitars, etc.).

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          Re: Anyone tried the H-S-S set-up in strat

          I agree with Fresh Start. Even with a bridge humbucker in a Strat, you will still have your classic Strat sounds in the other 4 positions.


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            Re: Anyone tried the H-S-S set-up in strat

            I think a humbucker could be stratty, but not anywhere near the same degree as a good set of SC's
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              Re: Anyone tried the H-S-S set-up in strat

              Do you like useing the bridge single?

              If not, what do you have to loose by putting a humbucker in there?

              Personally, I have a humbucker in both my Strats (DiMarzio Super Distortion in on, Duncan JB in the other). It sounds good and heavy, but has a more focused sound than my Les Paul. That, and I like to have access to the neck single coil sound.

              Other than that, your questions kinda broad, which makes it hard to answer. Perhalps it would help if you told use what sound you were looking for, then someone might be able to point you in the right direction.
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                Re: Anyone tried the H-S-S set-up in strat

                Thanks for the help guys. I wasn't really looking for a specific tone or how it would sound with my style, just how it sounds in general.