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  • Duncans in a PRS

    Hi everybody, I first want to thank you guys for providing such useful information regarding all things seymour duncan, it's come in very handy. Anyhow, I have a PRS 24 fret in stock condition right now (that's with HFS and Vintage Bass pickups) and I love it to death. But throughout my various experiments I have a brand new TB-6 sitting in my basement collecting dust. Long story short, I was tinkering with the idea of installing it into my PRS and figured I should get your input first. My band plays hard rock/top 40/hopped-up country, and when I'm goofing off by myself, I play heavier John Petrucci meets Jon Schaffer type stuff. So, what do you think? Oh, and could someone explain what the schematics page means when it says rotate the magnet 180 degrees, please? Any input you have would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Duncans in a PRS

    I'm gonna bump you so you don't get lost. Sorry I don't have any answers for you, but, I'd like to know what this means to, so,



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      Re: Duncans in a PRS

      go ahead and install it if you want, worst is you wouldn't like the tone right? oh wait, you may screw some vital wires over... never mind.
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        Re: Duncans in a PRS

        Gregorian, you can install the TB-6 into the PRS and it should sound killer in that guitar. I have also run the SH-13 Dime and TB-14 C-5 in PRS guitars with great results. The Dime in particular sounds phenominal in PRS guitars.

        You are going to need to do two different things to get the TB-6 to work with the PRS Vintage Neck and the 5 way switching. First off you need to flip the magnet in the TB-6 You do that by loosening the four baseplate screws and then lifting the bobbins up from the baseplate. You'll need to remove the cloth tape from around the pickup. After the bobbins are free you slide the magnet out and flip it over, remembering that bar magnets are polarized along the lenght. Hold your arm straight out with your palm facing downward and then flip your hand so your palm faces upwards. That rotation is what you will do to the magnet.

        You also need to wire the SD pickup in the bridge of that guitar a little differently. When combining SD and PRS pickups in the same guitar with the 5 way switching, wire the SD pickup as follows.

        White to hot (switch)
        Black and green together (replaces PRS red)
        Red to switch (finish ground)
        Plain to pot chassis

        The newer PRS guitars use a PC board to connect to the switch itself and I believe that the codes left to right are black/red/white for each pickup. You will connect the TB-6 red/black-green/white across those terminals.

        Doing those 2 things will get you the proper phase and noise cancellation in the middle three positions.

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