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Polepiece/string alignment on neck single-coil

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  • Polepiece/string alignment on neck single-coil

    I understand that a narrow-spaced bridge (and/or nut) can cause the E strings to either barely pass over the inner edges of a neck single-coil's E polepieces or miss the E polepieces entirely (instead passing between the E and its adjacent polepieces). Would either misalignment have any negative tonal effect on a neck single-coil?

    It seems most manufacturers offer wider-spaced humbuckers for wider-spaced bridge, but few manufacturers offer narrow-spaced single-coils for the neck (and some even for the middle). Is that because string/polepiece alignment at the neck isn't an issue or is it because of the additional work/cost of making narrower-spaced single-coils?

    For narrow-spaced guitars (such as the Fender Standard Series, Fender Strats with two-point bridges, guitars with 52-mm bridges, etc.), do Duncan neck single-coils line up any better than the neck single-coils of other manufacturers? If not, how much would it cost to order better-aligning neck and middle single-coils from the Duncan Custom Shop?

    Any thoughts on this?

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    Re: Polepiece/string alignment on neck single-coil

    I haven't had any issues with polepiece a;ignment with my strat (though mine is japanese) or my friend's American STD.

    Perhaps the nut is cut incorrectly.

    If you do have problems, you can always go to a rail type pickup, like the Hot Stack or the Vintage/Cool/Hot Rails series.

    To answer your question, the Custom Shop can make anything you want, for a price.
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