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EMG 81 and 85, WTF?!

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  • EMG 81 and 85, WTF?!

    I was at the house of my band's drummer, and he's in another band too, and a kid in the other band (whom I know/am relatively friendly with) has an Epiphone Les Paul with an EMG 81 and 85 in it. The drummer said that the owner of the LP was cool with other people playing it, so I plugged it into the Blues Jr. that was there. Obviously, the Epiphone might be to blame for some negative aspects of the pickups, and I won't get into how I didn't like the tone, but good god, with the master volume set on 4 and the volume set on 2 the damned pickups distorted the amp to a ridiculous extent. I have a JB in the bridge of my SG and I got none of that from it, but the EMG's just did not want to be able to achieve any sort of clean tone. Does the Blues Jr. just have an aversity to staying clean with the 81/85, or do they distort most amps on relatively low settings?
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    Re: EMG 81 and 85, WTF?!

    I dont know many blues or just rock guys using a 81 in thier guitars
    if you check it out almost 100% of them are METAL players.
    I tried the 81 and thought it sounded harsh,trebley with no character and i play metal.
    the duncan stuff has it all over the EMG's even for extreme metal