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Pickups for old guitar.

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  • Pickups for old guitar.

    I have this guitar: Marquis LP Copy ...not that one exactly, but one nearly exactly like it, except in better shape. That website is the only one I've found with any info about it, and it says it's walnut, so that's what I'm going with. Unplugged, it's reasonably bright.
    I was thinking about doing maybe a 59/C5 set... probably the one out of my SG, and then I could replace them. Do you think those pickups would do well in this axe for a quasi-vintage rock kind of style?

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    Re: Pickups for old guitar.

    quasi got what a great word, any who i think u would do better with maybe a custom custom in the bridge but keep the 59 in the neck.
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      Re: Pickups for old guitar.

      So to save some dollars, I could take the old magnet out of my 490R/T pickups and stick it in the C5...? IIRC, the real CC is wound 0.3k ohms hotter than the DC or the C5, but I think, since I'm going for 'vintage' anyway, the drop in output won't be terrible...


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        Re: Pickups for old guitar.

        The CC, C-5 and Custom are all wound identically (number of turns). The reason that the specs for the CC, C-5 and Custom are slightly different in the tone chart is that the pickups were measured on different days and were most likely made from different wire stock. The wire used by SD has a 5% +/- tolerance so SD pickups have a 5% +/- tolerance in their metered DC resistance.

        Other than magnet type, there is no difference in the Custom series of pickups.

        The C-5/59 should be very nice sounding in that guitar, so change out the magnet only if nessessary to warm that guitar up to taste.

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