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  • New pickups for SG

    I'm thinking about replacing the 59/C5 set in my SG with something a little more hard-hitting. I most of what I play on that guitar is A Perfect Circle, Tool, Metallica, and the like. It's often tuned to C#, or sometimes D. For the neck, I want at least decent cleans, and a smooth kind of dirty sound. (think Fade to Black) For the brigde, I'd like to get something that will kick hard. Words that come to mind are searing, chunky, and thick. Solid, but not overbearing bass, tight midrange, and thick highs (what I mean by that is NOT the shrill/thin/tinny sounding highs that I sometimes hear out of bridge pickups)
    Maybe the JB for the neck and a DD or Dime for the bridge?
    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: New pickups for SG

    A Distortion set fits your description to a "T".

    T4D got a new gig!

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      Re: New pickups for SG

      The '59/C5 is not getting you there already? A Jazz/Custom should work. Or a new amp........