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nashville tele deluxe, need pickup advice

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  • nashville tele deluxe, need pickup advice

    pretty set on getting the $490 fender nashville deluxe, i have a 40 tube watt fender 1x12 deluxe amp, i was playing around with a friend's tele on my amp and could not quite get the tones i wanted after about an hour of fooling with it

    i curently play a gretsch LP style electromatic jet pro Solidbody, but there are some major damages to the headstock and top of neck *i play alot of punk, psycobilly, surf, and straight up rock n' roll* i love my tone with the HBs but i want a tele with vintage stylings, but a hotter sound, i only use the Bridge pup position on my Gretsch open coiled Hbs, but due to the age and condition of my guitar, and that all of the bands we play with use LPs or LP modeled guitars, im determined to make my tele sound like i need it to
    i need advice on which pup selection will get me closest to my LP style sound using pup that will fit tele's
    the nashville comes with 2 tex mex tele pups and one tex mex strat pup
    i was thinking starting with a nice pup like the Quarter Pound (bridge) *also still has the look of a tele pickup*
    please share your advice
    this is my first post, i did search the forums and could not find the info i seeked

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    you might want to use something like a little 59 in the bridge position and then the qp strat pickup in the middle position. you could go two ways with the neck pickup you could get a tele qp neck and get that big fat output or go with something with a little less output, but thats your call. Good luck
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