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  • Pickup splitting help?

    Can you split 2 pickups together using 1 push/pull voume/tone knob?, does this mean that you can only have both pickups on at the same time? Or is there a way to split both pickups using the same knob but only having one split while the other one isnt so you can choose between more options?

    OR is there a way where you can simply use the tone or volume knob and dial in how much split you want without using a push/pull pot? If there is can you do it for 2 pups?
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    Re: Pickup splitting help?

    You can split both p'ups with one push/pull switch, as long as you can live with the fact that they'll both be split at once. Your 3-way will still select between neck/neck & bridge/bridge, but you'll either have both split, or both HB's. Thats still a pretty good set of selections.

    Of course, if you use both a volume push/pull and a tone push/pull, you'll have total control over every combination.

    As for using the vol or tone to "split", that gets a little tricky. It wouldn't normally be done that way, however, if you do a search on Peavey's web site for the T-60 manual, they show how to wire one coil across the tone control, such that as you take he tone control past around 7, you've placed enough resistance between the coil wires to make it "virtually" split.

    I've never actually heard one - but thats the way they do it.