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Removed the FSb from my Strat

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  • Removed the FSb from my Strat

    Just had to drop you guys a line. I removed the FS from my '02 Ash Strat to go into my HM Strat as it needs more of a tight bass response. So, a JB went into the bridge. Man, it sounds great! It breathes and just sings...not quite as clear in bass as FS, but still rocks. In all fairness, the JB works MUCH better with the PGn pickup in the stat...not as big a difference when I switch pups. Just a little more edge and clarity in the bridge position; it doesn't sound like two different guitars when I switch pups now. Which is a great thing.

    The FS will probably kick serious butt in my HM...I'll let you guys know when I get it together. Will probably be more even and deliver serious rock with the HRn pickup.

    Never been happier with my sound in my '02 strat! As always, the JB just rocks.

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