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SH-2 Jazz w/Alnico II

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  • SH-2 Jazz w/Alnico II


    I know there's someone out there who has taken his/her Jazz model pickup and replaced the A5 magnets with A2. I cannot remember the result or the comments. I could use some help here.

    -Butch Snyder

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    Re: SH-2 Jazz w/Alnico II

    This is pretty good timing, as I was just thinking about this myself.
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      Re: SH-2 Jazz w/Alnico II

      I remember the thread, I think the conclusion was that it was pretty close to an Alnico 2 pro.
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        Re: SH-2 Jazz w/Alnico II

        just did it last month , cant find an alnico II pro so i just went for a jazz and changed the mag. and the result is very good--very smooth, warm, fat and more mids with no mud . its pretty good with the a5 but its a little bit glassy specially on high gain. if you dont like the result you can always put the a5 back.
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