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played a lil 59 the other day....

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  • bloodswords
    Re: played a lil 59 the other day....

    i have the lil '59 neck in my Ibanez RG (n) & it's a very versatile unit. i bought this one because it has more mids & output than the full sized version. sounds very warm & no mud...

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  • \m/(00)\m/
    started a topic played a lil 59 the other day....

    played a lil 59 the other day....

    and it totally rocked!!!!!!!!
    I was able to go from 80's shredding all the way to a nice clean jazz sound. the smoothness factor was amazing while still retaining clarity. and it wasn't muddy at all!! i tried a jb jr before and it wasn't as good as this one. the jb jr was nice and all but the lil 59 was just better. i played it through my guitar teacher's fender ultra strat w/ a 59 in bridge, lil 59 in neck and an hs-2 for middle(split for a more stratty, funk tone) through the line 6 pod. i was on heaven for the few seconds i was playing it.
    im gonna get one for my charvel when it gets back from the shop, it sounds do beautiful