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  • Basic pot question - SSH

    I am going to be putting in a combination of 2 single coil and a HB (bridge) set of pups in my Strat. What pots should I use? I am assuming a combination of 500k and 250k's - but would like to confirm. The singles will be either MIM ceramic-types, or basic Alnicos. Thanks!
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    Re: Basic pot question - SSH

    I assume we are referring to the volume control here, off hand I'd say a 500k volume pot unless it's a really bright guitar, then a 250k), and a 500k tone pot for the bridge pup, and a 250k for the neck pup tone pot (as the 500k volume pot will make the singles a bit brighter anyway ... if you really want bright singles you could go with a 500k tone pot here also).
    I wouldn't even wire a tone to the middle pup as it will be effected by the tone control of the bridge pup when on with it; the neck tone control when it is on with it; alone it will be straight jangle, good for reduced volume clean rhythm stuff. There is no right or wrong here of course, just what you like best. One more option would be to go with a 250k no-load pot for the neck pup,as that will really allow you to get bright when needed.
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      Re: Basic pot question - SSH

      Cool, thanks. Yes, the 250k no-load is a great suggestion.