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More thump and punch for Music Man 5

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  • More thump and punch for Music Man 5

    I guess I am after more punch, a bit more chunk and attitude. The Music Man is, in it's defense, "classic" and "safe" in its tone. I want something a bit more edgy. I know Seymour offers a ceramic and alnico magnet five string pickup and their tone circuit may put a bit more attitude on it, if only because they have the slap switch. Any ideas?
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    Re: More thump and punch for Music Man 5

    i love my alnico 5 mm pup and the electronics are great, i think youll really dig the ceramic version if you want a more aggressive tone. the eq really lets you color the tone as much as you want.
    i use the slap set for a big bass boost and a minimal mid cut, sounds really good.