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tom morello's strat soul power

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  • tom morello's strat soul power

    i just got a new strat (60's reissue) and got a hot rails added to the bridge, but i really like how tom morello's strat sounds in audioslave, does anyone know what kind of pickups he's using?

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    Re: tom morello's strat soul power

    i know the guitar is almost identical to the iron maiden strat that fender made a couple years back except for the binding and diffent headstock. the iron maiden strathad a jb jr. in the bridge and 2 hot rails (one in middle and one in neck) i do have an issue of guitar world magazine from right around when audioslave first came out. he was on the cover and was holding that guitar. i'll try to dig it out and look it up.
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      Re: tom morello's strat soul power

      cool, thanx El first i was gonna get a prs cuz those guitars are just amazing, but expensive too so i was like nah, i'll just get a fender and play around with the pickups and stuff to get a different sound, but i just started reading about pups like not too long ago and i got some hot rails for the bridge for the rock sound...i dunno if i should do anything about the mid and bridge...i want to get a versatile sound where i can go from incubus to like sevendust, tho i know that solid body guitars are better for the heavier rock sounds, but still morello always amazes me with the sounds he comes up with his strats and teles and get gets a lot of crunch of out them so i kinda wanted to do something like that


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        Re: tom morello's strat soul power

        Tom said in an issue of Guitar World that his soul power strat has stock neck and mid pups. What bothers me is how to get his sound with non trad strat pups.


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          Re: tom morello's strat soul power

          He has a Hotrails bridge and 2 Fender Fat 50's in that LTD Edition Strat w/binding and Floyd. He normally plugs into a Marshall 2210 channel switching 100W head, which is more important to his sound than his actual pickups.

          If I were you, I'd buy a H-S-S pickguard, leave the stock singles, and put a fullsize humbucker like a Custom 5, Custom, JB, PG, or 59 in the bridge pos. They sound a lot closer to a Gibson/PRS type sound than the midrangey rails type pickups.
          Make sure to get a tremspaced humbucker for your strat. I have a Custom 5 trembucker and 2 Fender Fat 50's in one of my strats, and love it. I can get Stevie Ray to VH to Metallica out of that guitar!
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