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Disconnected Pot: Affects Tone?

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  • Disconnected Pot: Affects Tone?

    I recently acquired a cheap guitar off of ebay and as I installed my new humucker I noticed that the tone pot had been disabled (wires not soldered there anymore).

    At the time I was in a rush so I just installed the new humbucker and tested it out and I liked the tone... so I am tempted to keep the tone pot disconnected... but I am curious what effect does disconnecting the tone pot have on humbuckers?

    The way I see it, tone pots offer resistance to the signal so maybe I am getting a more of the "pure sound" of the humbucker this way? Or no? Are there any advantages to having your tone pot disconnected when it comes to tone?

    Any comments appreciated...

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    Re: Disconnected Pot: Affects Tone?

    A tone pot, even when on 10, bleeds a certain amount of treble to ground.
    So, disconnecting it allows a bit more to get out. It just all depends on the pickup, the guitar, and the tone you're looking for, as to whether or not its desirable.

    If you like it - its good.


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      Re: Disconnected Pot: Affects Tone?

      i have a bypass switch for both volume and tone pot (500K). IMO the difference hardly noticable. But if you imagine that it sounds better then you most probably really sound better.
      BTW Don't you think that the great tone comes from the pickup rather than the missing tone pot?
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        Re: Disconnected Pot: Affects Tone?

        @Artietoo Thanks... on my other guitars I almost always have my tone pot on 10 anyway... so if I get a little treble boost with the pot disconnected thats cool by me...

        @psy- OF course I think the great tone comes from the pickup... I merely said that the pickup sounded good even though the pot was disconnected... I never imagined it would sound better this way... I simply did not know exactly how the pot affects the tone... hence the post... apparently disconnecting it gives you a minute treble boost over having the pot on 10...


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          Re: Disconnected Pot: Affects Tone?

          There was a site that featured direct comparisons between connected and disconnected tone pots somewhere...and the JB model and the Custom were the stars of the show. I don't have a clue where that site is , but maybe someone can dig it up.

          But I think it's true what Artie said, you really do get a bit more can sound very nice (or harsh...)
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            Re: Disconnected Pot: Affects Tone?

            Thanks korovamilkdud


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              Re: Disconnected Pot: Affects Tone?

              I just finished wiring up my strat (again) and I put a bypass switch for my tone control. The difference is minimal, but there. plus, now I can make cool sounds with the switch.