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  • Need pickups suggestions


    I have a home made guitar, mahogany and ebony fingerboard. I have had for a while a JB split/parallel in the neck and a 59n on the bridge. (Yes, I just interchanged them). i would like to replace them because the Jb lacks clarity and the 59n it is too trebly in the bridge.

    One option could be to move the 59n to its place and buy a 59B. But, Would this be too trebly? Do the bridge and neck humbucker has different frecuency response?

    And, if not. WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST??!!??!? I am not a big fan of high output humbuckers....

    I was also considering the Phat cats...


    EDIT: Just spelling mistakes, as usual.
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    Re: Need pickups suggestions

    A pair ofr 59's would be sweet, if you want more output hile retaining clarity (but not as much output as the JB) the C5 might be something to look into as well.
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      Re: Need pickups suggestions

      Phat cats would be a different kettle of fish, but they would be pretty tasty! Id give them a shot.
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        Re: Need pickups suggestions

        The 59/C5 combo is killer in a mahogany guitar. It can do just about anything you would want to throw at it, unless what you want to throw at it is something very extreme. The good part about that combo is that you've already got half of it!