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  • Bridge Pickup for les paul

    I'm looking for a good bridge pickup for a les paul i play mostly classic rock and blues stlye stuff so i want it to be hot but not to harsh and trebley also i would perfer that it comes in a zebra pattern brand dosent matter thanks for your help
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    Re: Bridge Pickup for les paul

    custom custom would give u that amout of versatility
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      Re: Bridge Pickup for les paul

      I would choose either a 59' or an APH II. The 59 will be a little tighter in the lows and more focused in the highs....a really crisp pickup, but not icepicky. An APH will be a little spongier on the lows, sweeter on the highs and mids.. more balanced if you will. Slash's tone is APH II all the way. I love my set, but there are certain tones you need an A5 like the 59 to really nail.

      I prefer to be on the smoother side of things...I can always dial the treble up, but it's harder to smooth out something too bright. Just my opinion.
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        Re: Bridge Pickup for les paul

        I love the Pearly Gates in a Lester. Plenty of cut, but not icepicky in a Paul.
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          Re: Bridge Pickup for les paul

          JB,'s a HOT pickup but not THAT hot. I think it does an awesome job at Zeppelin/Sabbath/AC-DC with a DS-1, plus, your LP will make it sound awesome.
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            Re: Bridge Pickup for les paul

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              Re: Bridge Pickup for les paul

              I kinda like the PG, but all the suggestions here are good ones.
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                Re: Bridge Pickup for les paul

                If you want a "normal" output level, I'd go with the Seth Lover. This is a really great "as vintage as you can get" pup. If you want a bit more punch, I'd go with either the Custom5 or the Custom Custom. My LP came with a CC in it, and I thought it sounded great, but just didn't have enough bottom end for me. The C5 suits a LP very well. I now have one in my guitar, and it is warm and rich.

                BTW - I also play classic rock and blues.
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                  Re: Bridge Pickup for les paul

                  i love pearly gates in a les paul, great snotty tone. roll back the tone a little and it warms up nicely for mellower stuff


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                    Re: Bridge Pickup for les paul

                    For more classic tones I would consider one of the three listed below.
                    1. Antiquity: Very close to PAF's
                    2. Seth Lovers: also very close to a Paf, but different than the Antiquity.
                    3. Alnico: The Alnico I believe comes ready to be tapped if desired. A nice feature on a LP
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                      Re: Bridge Pickup for les paul

                      For the sound you want I'd suggest either a Seth Lover or a Screamin' Demon