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Broken full shred =(

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  • Broken full shred =(

    Hello all,

    i have a seymour duncan full shred, and it's defective.... one of the coils gives an extremely low, hardly audible output. tested this by connecting it directly to my gt-3 and holding a tuning fork next to the coils.

    i took it apart and checked the impedances directly at the coil leads, one of them gives its regular 7 Kohms, the other one (the one that gives no output) measures around 1500K.

    can't see anything else than a broken coil....... =(

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    Re: Broken full shred =(

    what does it measure in series?
    did you just purchase this new? if so id bring it back and get a new one.


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      Re: Broken full shred =(

      Did it cut out gradually or was it bad from the beginning when you installed it? I had a SH-5 Custom go out over the course of a few days. It started with the signal dropping out for a split second every now and then. It got worse and worse until the guitar sounded like I was using a very old and destroyed guitar cable (scratches, buzzing, etc...). The signal would come in and out when I tapped on the pup. The signal that did come in was very low in volume- almost inaudible.

      If it's a new pup, I recommend utilizing SD'd unconditional 21-day return policy. Check out the info on the registration card that came with your pup.
      Good luck, bro!
      Very Metal.

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        Re: Broken full shred =(

        What the others said, have it taken back to the dealer you bought it from unless it was a used pup. Then you are pretty much stuck with it.


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          Re: Broken full shred =(

          bought it used about a year ago. i had this and a $5 piece of junk humbucker, replaced them with Kent Armstrong ultradistortion humbuckers (20 Kohm!!!!!!!!) awesome pickups.